Our Strategy

Our Strategy

Quality and Customer Service Strategy:

In the Emirates Express branch, and through our experience, we know the different tastes and desires of customers, as well as the urgent demand for shipping and rapid logistical support, as well as the increasing degree of complexity of the surrounding environment in terms of the growing degree of competition as well as the widening of markets and varying characteristics, which prompted us to take concepts and an administrative approach based on Strategic planning and customer satisfaction in an effort to support our ompetitive advantage and our brand that qualifies us to excel locally, regionally and internationally .

To achieve our vision in this field, we will do the following:

  • Continuous evaluation and improvement of the quality of services and products provided by us.
  • Through the a forementioned evaluation, we will work to reduce the waste of resources, and reduce the risk materially and logistically.
  • Working on developing and innovating solutions and reducing obstacles in the field of quality and customer service.
  • By adopting the expansion approach and sustainable strategies, as well as the evaluation of quality, we will work to increase our share locally and internationally to ensure continuity and build a team based on a highly competitive spirit.
  • Motivating employees by adopting the training and continuous improvement approach, as well as their participation in making decisions that are in the interest of the development of the services we provide.
  • Analyzing and testing the relationships between the variables of plans and implementation, and evaluating performance, products and services.
  • Establishing a full team to deal with complaints and methods of resolution and coordination, while ensuring their termination according to the possibilities that do not conflict with the regulations in the Kingdom and the policies of the company.

Sustainable Development Strategy:

One of our main goals is to create a safe and permanent work environment and to achieve this support our services with the safe and timely delivery of our services and ensure that the goals of our customers and employees are achieved. In addition to making sure that we put in place the right foundations, structures and processes that ensure a good awareness of the well-being of our employees. The company's culture aims to raise the level of our business to the highest levels and train the workforce to ensure professionalism in work.